About Me

Vadim Kulikov

I am a scientist. In my research I engage in solving open problems in mathematics, cognitive science and their combinations: mathematical modelling of cognitive phenomena, understanding cognitive science of mathematics and (abstract) semantics in general. I believe that the foundations of mathematics cannot be understood without a cognitive perspective on the philosophy of mathematics on the one hand, and that the development of a true artificial intelligence will require the understanding of how abstract concepts and their semantics are implemented in the brain on the other (see a popular article in Finnish written by me on this topic). This is why I am interested in the cognitive science underlying mathematical thinking (check out this website of a workshop on mathematical cognition organized by Markus Pantsar and me in spring 2017), in computational models of the mind and artificial intelligence (see this link for the course on deep learning lectured by Sam Hardwick and me in summer 2017, and this for a larger course on computational cognitive neuroscience lectured by me together with Aapo Hyvärinen in 2016). One of my main interests is in computational models and in particular I have supervised two bachelor theses on minimal agent architectures and computational models of affordance. Outside academic work I do freelance consulting on data-analysis utilising neural networks and deep learning. Apart from these topics I am currently working on a paper in cognitive psychology with Ulrich Ansorge (univ. Wien) related to the Stroop effect and the lateralization of visual categorical perception as well as on a computational (connectivist) model of the Stroop effect. My scientific dream is to convert philosophical ideas concerning the mind and brain (such as sensorimotor enactivism) into precise computational models on the one hand, and apply the understanding gained from the engineering and computational paradigms back to philosophy of cognition.

Additionally to this I am still (by inertia) collaborating on some projects in the area of my PhD thesis (Helsinki 2011) in mathematical logic and set theoretic model theory. The thesis can be found here. My master’s thesis in cognitive science (2016 Vienna) is found here. Here is the list of my math papers. Currently I have a research grant from the Finnish Academy and work at the University of Helsinki until August 2018.

The list of my hobbies includes…

blog and podcast on (success in) art and science (see links above)
guitar (favourite composers: Heitor Villa-Lobos and Francisco Tarrega),
art (I’ve made animations and like to draw and paint. you can follow me on Instagram @batsandseahorses),
acrobatics  (next goal: roundoff back somersault or roundoff back-walkover),
cooking (some of the favourite cuisines: Russian, French, Italian, Ethiopian),
singing (my favourite song so far is The Autumn Leaves),


Web Design

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