About Vadim

I am a scientist. In my research I engage in solving open problems in mathematics, cognitive science and their combinations: mathematical modelling of cognitive phenomena, understanding cognitive science of mathematics and (abstract) semantics in general. I believe that the foundations of mathematics cannot be understood without a cognitive perspective. My PhD in math (2011) can be found here and the master’s thesis in cognitive science here. The PhD is on generalised descriptive set theory. Later I have also worked in classical descriptive set theory (with applications to e.g. knot classification). An updated list of math papers. The Master’s in cognitive science is about perception of colour, variants of the Stroop effect and how it all relates to semantics. Currently I have a research grant from the Finnish Academy and work at the University of Helsinki.

The list of my hobbies includes…
guitar (favourite composers: Heitor Villa-Lobos and Francisco Tarrega),
art (I’ve made animations and like to draw and paint. you can follow me on Instagram @batsandseahorses),
acrobatics  (next goal: roundoff back somersault or roundoff back-walkover),
cooking (some of the favourite cuisines: Russian, French, Italian, Ethiopian),
singing (my favourite song so far is The Autumn Leaves),

I am not sure how to pronounce my own name when talking to non-Russian and non-Finnish speakers. In Russian the stress goes to the second syllable and the “d” is somewhat softened. In Finnish the stress goes to the first syllable and “d” is hard. But in English he is confused and the pronunciation depends on the current position of Earth in the Milky Way. One way to say it is Lord Vadim /lɔːd veɪdɪm/.

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