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Cognitive Science of Philosophy of Mathematics – workshop

Short motivation What is mathematics? How is mathematics produced, understood and learned by the human brain? Do infinities exist or are they a product of our minds? Whether or not they exist, mathematicians’ minds can conceptualise infinity. What does this mean and how is this possible? Is mathematics limited and shaped by human brain and body or is […]

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The Forthcoming Movie Beauty and the Beast Sucks

UPDATE AFTER I SAW THE MOVIE: Are you kidding me? The beast has a six-pack and stuff. He is a hot macho who can jump from a roof-top to roof-top. In fact, when he transforms to the prince, he becomes less attractive. Even the beauty says: “you could grow a beard”! She says it to the […]

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A Bracelet Challenge

In this post Tim Ferriss writes about the thought-awareness bracelet. It is a bracelet which you wear on either hand and whenever you complain about something (constructive criticism doesn’t count), you have to switch the hand on which the bracelet is. An exveption is when you complain without swearing and immediately offer a potential solution to the […]

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Bees vs Penguins

Look at these photos: The size of the wing of a bee in proportion to her body size seems to be virtually identical to that of a penguin. The length of the wing in both animals is around half their height. Why does the bee fly effortlessly while the penguin has absolutely no chance of even slowing down […]

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Working in solitude, guiding students to find themselves, and thoughts on the modern academic world

  In Vienna I had the opportunity to quickly interview Professor Wolf Singer. He is a Senior Fellow at the Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience in Frankfurt, Germany, that he has founded in cooperation with the Max Planck Society a couple of years ago. One of the most fascinating ideas around which the modern work of Wolf […]

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I had an exceptional amount of travel in the last couple of months. My first destination was London and I want to mention the exhibition “Colour and Vision” they have at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington – it is still open for several weeks, until November 6th. I went there with my friend’s four year […]