Ewa and Vadim at Jeff Koons exhibition London
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Art as sanity coping and how to follow your passion: An interview with Ewa Wilczynski

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My parents wanted me to be a dentist

In this episode I interview Ewa Wilczynski. She is a London born artist whose appearance and creative soul inspire everyone in her vicinity. The press has called her “the future one to watch”, “a rising star”, “Art’s new ingénue” and “Venus of modern times”. She decided to get serious with art at the age of 6 and began her studies of old master’s work at the age of 13; she made history when she became one of the youngest artists ever to hold her debut solo exhibition “T H R O E S” at the Royal Academy of Art in 2015. In this interview we explore how does Ewa maintain her working cycle, how does she cultivate her creativity and how art occupies virtually all aspects of her life; how would she compare the big art cities — London, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles; what is her process of creating an art piece; how is she managing social media and other distracting technology; what advice would she give to young artists; and much more…

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Line up:

Add 1 min 30 sec (the length of the intro) to the times below. 

00:20 Some words about yourself. Childhood. First influence: Jane Allison

6:30 Studies.

7:00 Studying pigment alchemy in Paris.

7:45 Can you compare London, Berlin and Paris as art-cities?

10:45 Waking up very early; Morning routines

13:45 Switching off technology when working; not talking to anybody.

14:25 The process of creating an art piece.

16:15 How much do you know of your painting in advance, before starting working on it?

17:15 Influence by Francis Bacon

18:35 Motivation maintenance. Inspiration.

22:00 Why do we go to art exhibitions. How we met at a Jeff Koons exhibition.

24:45 Did you have any other dreams when you were young?

26:20 Other hobbies?

27:00 Working alone vs. with other people

27:40 How do you combine personal life with creative work? Closing yourself up to work alone for weeks.

29:30 Travelling

30:50 Advice to young people. Focus on what you’re good at.

33:00 Future dreams; How do artists collaborate?

36:25 How to keep up to date with you?

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