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Self-exploration in Constantly Changing Environment – Interview with Nandita Kumar

Mauritius-born New Zealandian-Indian artist Nandita Kumar is all over the place – in a good way. She is on a quest to find connections between art, science and technology through her own art as well as community projects to shift consciousness of people – in her own words. I met Nandita at the exhibition opening of ARS17 in Kiasma, Helsinki. A glass bulb with a small technological world inside it – that’s what I saw. It reminded me of one of these self-sustained ecosystems in a bottle. Nandita’s ecosystem is an artificial one. It consists of very carefully manufactured detailed metal made plants. This is what she says about it:

pOLymORpHic hUMansCApE is an interactive biosphere in a bottle which explores two days in an urban landscape. This installation wishes to evoke discussions on the problems faced by Indian Cities due to urbanization, high population growth and development of slums. Read more at nanditakumar.com…

In this interview we discuss Nandita’s story and how her artistic identity formed in an ever-changing environment: she was born in Mauritius, grown up in India and moved to New Zealand at the age of 19 where she still works part time – and part time in Mumbai. See below the full line-up indexed with time stamps and stream the interview here:

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